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I encourage anyone seeking design work to include xnnx in their contest or to invite xnnx to a one-on-one project. We had a unique request for a law firm logo that represented particular - and non-traditional - characteristics of our firm, and xnnx carefully reviewed our design brief, listened to our needs, conducted independent research for a value-added outcome, and responded with a beautiful logo that captured the essence of our brand. We received countless "generic" logos that were visually appealing and creative, but xnnx took the extra time to understand who we are as clients and what image we wanted to project to distinguish ourselves from other law firms in our market. His product was dignified and striking and provided us with a logo we could easily integrate into other elements of our brand identity. The xnnx team was responsive to our feedback about design changes, exceptionally polite and responsive, and a true pleasure to work with. I cannot recommend them highly enough.

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