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I can highly recommend yuvvoo. yuvvoo showed persistence, patience and diligence in creating and modifiying the logo design. Yuvvoo responded to all of my requests for change or clarity with a cooperative spirit and in a timely manner. I strongly recommend Yuvvoo to others in need of design work.
The service from 99d was very good. The value of its service to the client is very high. I was impressed with the number and quality of the designs which I received in the early stage of the contest. And 99d provided reasonably clear guidance throughout the process. Having the time clock on the dashboard is a valuable feature. 99d service exceeded my expectations and I am very pleased at the final version of my new logo. I would recommend to other potential clients that they select the higher priced service as I think that attracts higher quality talent. And $799 is still reasonable to have your logo designed. I am disappointed about having to pay an additional $200 for a Brand Guide. This is important information to have - i.e. colors, sizing, etc. Can do away with the additions of the company goals, etc - I already know these and don't need them in the brand guide - esp if that adds to the costs. I would recommend including the price of the brand guide into the design fee - I felt as though I was abused for an additional $200. At the end of the day though, I am very pleased with the logo design and the information needed to provide to vendors.

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