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Assalamu'alaikum . . .
Hi there, thank's for visiting :)
If you are interested in my work, please invite me on 1 to 1 project.
I feel proud if I can work with you.
Best regards

" I squeeze my brain for something to be desired "

Miembro desde: 9 de diciembre de 2010
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"It was a great process, and Rasyid was great!"
Foto del perfilc_johnstod revisado hace 19 días
"Understood project from the start, great job!"
Foto del perfilmarHE revisado hace alrededor de 1 mes
"Responsive and creative!"
Foto del perfilerinFm revisado hace alrededor de 2 meses
"The logo design is outstanding. I couldn't be happier with the results."
Cliente anónimo revisado hace 4 meses
"Rasyid really got the concept of what we wanted, and when we struggled with ideas Rasyid came up with great suggestions. We loved the cityscape and mountains but went simpler for this initial design."
Foto del perfilwillkitchen revisado hace 4 meses
"Thanks a lot for all! Your a Great Contest Holder :D"
Foto del perfilRasyid respondido hace 4 meses
"Rasyid understood our vision and was very responsive to feedback. He is a great designer and very easy to work with."
Foto del perfilkevin_m_cook revisado hace 4 meses
"Great design, very responsive "
Foto del perfilithai.eldaG revisado hace 4 meses
"I am very happy with the design, excellent execution of our brand vision in the logo design! Beautiful, creative and simplistic!"
Cliente anónimo revisado hace 5 meses
"You're welcome, it's already my responsibility :) Thanks a lot! I really appreciate it. Succes for your company"
Foto del perfilRasyid respondido hace 5 meses
"One word..AWESOME!!!!"
Cliente anónimo revisado hace 7 meses
"Je suis très satisfaite de mon design, et ravie d'avoir travaillé avec un designer aussi sensible à mes indications. Très bonne 1e expérience sur 99designs."
Foto del perfilmedibox.contacQ revisado hace 8 meses
"design simple efficace; a compris le sens de mon activité a a su les incorporer."
Foto del perfilflorentin.bonaldi revisado hace 8 meses
"Thank you very much for your trust and reward, I apologize if there are still shortcomings in my service. Best regard"
Foto del perfilRasyid respondido hace 8 meses
"He knew the assignment! He follows instructions and is very creative. Looking to working together real soon. Great job. Over satisfied...."
Cliente anónimo revisado hace 10 meses
"Rasyid is very responsive and always delivered more options, revisions and ideas than requested. This created a better design process and outcome. It is a true pleasure to work with a high-quality designer like Rasyid."
Foto del perfiltamara.moore revisado hace 10 meses
"Rasyid read our brief and understand it pretty well. He improved the design according to our feedback and interestingly brought out design that we expected! Our team is happy with the logo revamp and looking forward to show it to the world."
Foto del perfillin5 revisado hace 11 meses
"Rasyid designed the perfect logo on his first submission. He took the company name, the minimal ideas I had and nailed it! His vision for graphic design is truly remarkable. We’re so happy. "
Foto del perfilchrisparmelee4o revisado hace 11 meses
"Rasyid was very prompt on replies and gave me a great logo"
Foto del perfilsarahg.sunnydaX revisado hace 12 meses
"Sehr viel Mühe gegeben danke dir"
Foto del perfilinfB2y revisado hace 12 meses
"Rasyid was very responsive and was able to design exactly what I visualized. He was a pleasure to work with"
Foto del perfilmab473j revisado hace 12 meses
"Clean, innovative design, while also keeping the concept values part of the creators vision. "
Foto del perfilmichaelb121 revisado hace alrededor de 1 año
"Made an original concept for our logo! We really like it. Made several changes for us, within our wishes. Quick response and polite"
Foto del perfiljorritF revisado hace alrededor de 1 año
"Very fast response and nice design"
Cliente anónimo revisado hace alrededor de 1 año
"Rasyid was great to work with. He listened to all the idea's I wanted incorporated into my design. Any alterations I wanted to make, he did in a rapid time. "
Foto del perfiljaden_mcgonigag revisado hace alrededor de 1 año
"Rasyid was fantastic! He was very aggressive to offer a variety of designs early on in the contest and worked closely with me to come up with the perfect design. He's got a very good eye for design and was extremely patient to accommodate all of my adju..."
Foto del perfilWhiffles revisado hace más de 1 año
"Quick communications, love the design. Thanks Rasyid!"
Cliente anónimo revisado hace más de 1 año
"Rasyid came up with an innovative design that stood out from the rest of the field. He was very quick to respond and provide minor changes in the design. "
Foto del perfilanselmi.vanjokQ revisado hace más de 1 año
"Amazing work. Came out exactly like I had hoped "
Foto del perfilnickhZ revisado hace alrededor de 2 años
"Rasyid is an excellent designer; his first design was spot on and required only little adjustment. He immediately understood the briefing and translated it into a design that fits our products and image. He's also been pro-active to provide a number of ..."
Cliente anónimo revisado hace más de 3 años
"We were able to work hand and hand with the designer to get exactly what we wanted for our brand. Modern yet still simple. He was willing to make multiple changes until it was exactly what we wanted."
Foto del perfilThe Kinchen Group revisado hace más de 3 años
"Very creative and most importanly professional. He is always available to amend, change & adjust to meet my vision. He has an insight to things and extremely reliable. "
Foto del perfilfatemah.ara.abdullah revisado hace más de 3 años
"" Rasyid did another Great job ! This is the second design he did for me . Did it really fast ! Thanks again.""
Foto del perfilbrettabma revisado hace alrededor de 4 años
"Ich bin sehr zufrieden mit der Arbeit von Rasyid :) Wirklich sehr zu empfehlen, die Rücksprache und Ausbesserungen haben super funktioniert. "
Foto del perfilFelix-Mockenhaupt revisado hace más de 4 años
"Rasyid did a excellent job ! I just posted what I was looking for and he made it happen. Thank you for your design ! "
Foto del perfilbrettabma revisado hace más de 4 años
"Fell in love with redesigned logo at first sight! "
Foto del perfilgodskid73 revisado hace más de 4 años
"99 Design is an excellent concept! We had an idea of a logo, but not the talent to finalize it. We provide our idea along with our company information and received a total of 63 designs from several designers. Each designer was easy to work will and ..."
Foto del perfilrmoon revisado hace más de 5 años
"Outstanding work, communication, and help! We highly recommend Rasyid! Thank you for helping us create an amazing brand!"
Foto del perfilKAshton revisado hace más de 5 años
"Rasyid is amazing to work with. He's very professional, and quick to respond and incorporate suggestions. This was our first time using 99 designs and we're thrilled with the outcome."
Foto del perfiljulie Rb revisado hace casi 6 años
"Another awesome job by 99Designs and one of my favorite designers Rasyid!!! Thanks for everything"
Foto del perfilmovementhealth revisado hace alrededor de 6 años
"Very attention to details. Very talented in logo design. "
Foto del perfilshiyihai007 revisado hace alrededor de 6 años
"Rasyid was great to work with! I asked him for various adjustments and each time he willingly and promptly made them. I would definetely seek him out for his assistance with future projects."
Foto del perfilRaquel.davis52 revisado hace alrededor de 6 años
"Great individual to work with. Took direction and suggestions very well and the final product is exactly what we wanted. Will definitely enjoy to work with him in the future."
Foto del perfilCiderSociety revisado hace alrededor de 6 años
"Fast to act, great attention to detail, reliable and competent. Above all... passionate. "
Foto del perfilSimplyGiving.com revisado hace más de 6 años
"I requested a modern and catchy logo for my culinary company and Rasyid went above and beyond. He stood out immediately from all other contenders by supplying me each time with 1 concept showing the main logo alone, and then the logo in different colors..."
Foto del perfilnicolemasiello revisado hace más de 6 años
"Für mich sehr gutes Design, das von Anfang an gut gepasst hat. Wünsche meinerseits wurden jeweils übernommen."
Foto del perfilinfo qr1 revisado hace más de 6 años
"Top notch designer"
Cliente anónimo revisado hace más de 6 años
"Great designer, hard working - fast."
Foto del perfilmjmurphy revisado hace casi 7 años
"Very Creative designer, happy dealing with. "
Foto del perfilDesign Lord revisado hace casi 7 años
"We really enjoyed working with Rasyid, He was very happy to make the changes we asked and was able to add something original amongst the other designers. Thank you Rasyid! WebFarm. "
Foto del perfilContact73 revisado hace casi 7 años
"I love the design of my logo from Rasyid. I'm opening a new retail store and a website and this logo will really standout. Thanks so much! Gayle A."
Foto del perfilGalpert65 revisado hace casi 7 años
"Great experience working with this designer. Rasyid listened to feedback that was given with a positive attitude and was able to take our feedback beyond our instructions and create a design that scored overwhelmingly high in all our study groups and po..."
Foto del perfilabderezai revisado hace casi 7 años
"It was great working with Rasyid. He was quick to respond, listened to what we we're looking for, and provided all of the files we needed. Would definitely recommend him for any job."
Cliente anónimo revisado hace casi 7 años
"Rasyid was great to work with! He brought is own great ideas, and was able to respond to our feedback effectively to produce exactly what we were looking for. We would definitely work with Rasyid again."
Foto del perfilRPS Studios revisado hace casi 7 años
"Very happy with design(s) provided, changes made quickly etc. Thanks!"
Foto del perfillaw mantis revisado hace casi 7 años
"Rasyid has been an AWESOME person to work with. He is so creative, flexible, patient and pleasing. He was great at submitting totally different ideas to the other designers, with the flair we were looking for! I really enjoyed working with him in this c..."
Foto del perfilamaxltd revisado hace casi 7 años