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My name is Oliver Ström.
I am a Graphic/Web designer.


Contact: o************@*****.com

Miembro desde: 24 de noviembre de 2011
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"Oliver is the best! Great designer, very professional and provides timely responses. We definitely recommend him!"
Foto del perfilVela Juice revisado hace más de 7 años
"I was really happy the way oliver went about the design. He was quick to change anything I had thought of and captured a great angle for the business. I'll be looking forward to using him again"
Foto del perfilPtnathanowen revisado hace más de 7 años
"Oliver was the hardest working out of the 400+ design submissions we received. Quick to respond and takes feedback really well. Highly recommended!"
Foto del perfilRdlerman revisado hace más de 7 años
"Oliver was amazing...a great young talent with a keen eye for design. Nothing was too much trouble, every change was made quickly...he was fantastic to work with...would definitely recommend him to other people or businesses and would use him again. K..."
Foto del perfilLuxstasy revisado hace más de 7 años